When your home is your castle. Made of glass.

Many of us look back at "the olden days" as a time when we were a primitive civilisation. Lack of utilities such as gas, electicity and clean, running water would make for a life far removed from what we are used to today. You've only got to look at the things we crave as "bare necessities" now to see how we've changed because an Internet connection is one of those things that we "need".

Wherever you go these days, you'll see signs for "Free WiFi" and even hotels and cottages have WiFi/Internet as one of their selling points.  It's one of those home comforts that we just can't be without.

Yet that's the strangest thing.  We see our homes as our castles.  We protect everything that is in our home.  We lock doors.  We lock windows.  We lock drawers.  Some of us have safes under the floor for the things we need securing the most.  Few people think of that thing in the corner with its blue lights as being a gateway into our homes for bad guys.

This is the hardest barrier that we need to break down.  That thing in the corner is our gateway to another world.  A world where we can communicate, shop, create and discover very easily with pretty much any form of gadget you care to mention.  It gives us so much and many of us don't consider what every other internet user can see of our home through this device.

I'm not saying that every single box that an Internet Service Provider provides is an open door but many of them do have flaws.  These free boxes don't have the ability to tell you when you're visiting a website that may have been hacked.  They can't tell you when your internet shopping is actually helping bad guys generate cryptocurrency.  They can't tell you when the kids are accessing things they shouldn't, nor can they stop the kids from accessing things they shouldn't.  They also can't tell you when the bad guys are knocking at your door, trying to get in through the internet-enabled kettle.

This is why we do what we do.  Providing everyone with a reliable, robust and informative means of connecting to the Internet means that everyone becomes safer, more protected and, most importantly, more informed.  Knowing how your internet connection is being used is really important.  It will help you keep the kids safe.  It will help you see who is using the Internet and when.  It will help you make sure that nobody brings an infection from outside of your network home to infect the rest of you.  It will help you see how much you're being attacked.  It'll also help you protect yourself when you connect to a Free WiFi when you're on holiday by giving you that encrypted VPN connection.

Yes, it's going to cost you a bit more but that's to be expected.  You're getting way more than just an internet connection when you've got a Check Point security appliance defending your castle walls.  It's like you've got your own army, stopping the enemy from scaling your walls, from breaking through your doors and windows and from kidnapping anyone peeping out through the defences.  Your own Check Point security appliance means that you're no longer in a castle of glass.