80% of cyber security statistics are just dull, boring and pointless...

How many times have you seen yet another report on social media telling you that 32% if IT security professionals don't do something or 68% of businesses are doing something really bad yet they don't know it?  It's just getting boring.  Lots of effort goes in to generating these reports but if only the same amount of effort went in to correcting the problem we'd be in a far better place.

Many times we've thought about compiling one of these reports but they never produce any good news stories.  It just serves to tell the reader that things are really bad and you've got to buy some snake oil to make things better.

Of course, things won't get better if you don't do something. Wise man once say "always do what you've always done and you'll always get what you've always got" and that's true in anything to do with cyber security.

Yes, we sell some great products on this store like the Disklabs Faraday Bag, the iStorage datAshur Pro and Check Point security appliances with SandBlast but these aren't complete solutions.  They are only part of the solution.  A small part of your defence plan.

The full solution that you should be adopting first of all looks at your assets. People protect your assets so you've got to have the right people.  Procedures protect the people as procedures tell people how to protect your assets.  Technical controls (like your Check Point appliance, iStorage removable storage and Disklabs Faraday Bag) reinforce the procedures to help the people protect the assets. Backing up the Technical controls are the Physical controls - those security things you can see like a door lock, CCTV or an alarm.  Without physical controls everything else falls down.  Wrapping all of that up is your culture.  Culture is critical. If you've got the culture of protecting everything and assuming that people want to get your assets then, yes, that's going to help but your culture needs to be one of constant analysis, reacting to changes and threats against you. By far, culture is the single most important factor in any defence plan but it is the hardest thing to change.

So that's why these dull and scary reports do are pointless - they do nothing to change culture. They just re-affirm anyone's belief that the bad guys are really bad and they are going to get in because, well, statistics prove it.

Buck the trend. Don't get downhearted by the onslaught of scary reports trying to sell you some snake oil. Yeah, we'd be delighted to help you get a Check Point appliance installed or provide you with a means to store data in a compliant way or even just to help you stop your car from being stolen but you know what would make us happier? Helping you to change your culture. Helping you to do the little things that protect your assets better. You don't need a big box of snake oil to do that - the power to change that is all within your grasp and it's often the cheapest way to make you a harder target.